First post in millenia

Hello folks

Ye Olde DJ's zine projects are not dead but have been hybernating. A new issue of Signals (number three ...though something like number seven of the /wave project series ... don't worry about keeping tally) is imminent. While rummaging through the archives I found five copies of the very first zine I created called SHORT/wave ... this is the second printing, from 2007, thus is known as SHORT/wave 2 ... regardless of my esoteric numbering schemes, the zine is 30 pages long and includes:

  • An interview with Captain Ron Shortwave
  • An interview with Dr. Benway from Undercover Radio
  • An article about KMUD's broadcast from the Mojave Phone Booth
  • An article about Radio For Peace International

& more. If you want a copy of this DIY zine send $2.50 via paypal to singinggrove@conknet.com & I'll mail one out as soon as I can get to the post with my insanely busy day job.

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