A Long Overdue Update

Yes ... I'm still alive! And yes, I *do* have plans for another issue of "the /wave project: Signals" sometime in 2008. I have been depressed about the zine for the past six months because microcosm, which has become the Amazon of zine distributors, declined to stock / distribute the previous issue because it was too 'thin' (20 pages.) I have seen distros sell zines that are only several pages long or even one sheet of paper folded but apparently for some reason Signals didn't have the substance they were looking for. No distribution = no readership. No readership = no motivation to publish. It is time consuming enough writing, editing, soliciting submissions, etc. Hunting for distributors is just more work in my already full schedule.

The /wave project: Signals is not dead, just hybernating until the right elements combine to create the next issue. It will continue to focus on indie media including shortwave, pirate and low power fm radio as well as other media topics. New topics this year may include amateur radio and creating community libraries.

Long live free radio and free speech. Contributions of articles and letters for the next issue are welcomed at singinggrove@conknet.com.

Peace ~

DJ Frederick