Paper Radio # 8 is out NOW

30 pages - dead media, longwave radio, private lp reissues, and even fiction! 
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I'm practically giving these away ... happy holidays!


Signals and Paper Radio On Sale

As ye olde DJ prepares to roll out Paper Radio #8 ... back issues are on same from Ms. Valerie Park distro! 


Signals Issue 4 Reviewed by Dan Murphy

Signals #4 
digest, 60 pages, $4 
DJ Frederick longs for people to get excited about radio again, and so he has compiled another great issue of his radio zine, which is full of rantings, radio histories, interviews, and profiles. Included is an interesting story about a pirate radio show that took place in a phone booth, as well as some info on number stations (which are apparently used for espionage and drug smuggling), along with the story of a wedding that led to a government shutdown of a low power radio station. Additionally, there is an interesting article about using shortwave radio as a musical instrument, as well as several interviews with individuals involved with radio in some way or another. Throughout the zine there are numerous links and recommendations for websites, radio shows, radio stations, etc. that will help fuel the curiosity of anyone interested in the world of radio. DJ Frederick’s passion for the subject is palpable, and it will rub off on you. Get ahold of this zine, and I’m certain you will find yourself gravitating towards a radio to see what you can find amidst the static.

DJ Frederick's note: I only have one copy of this issue left! Other copies may be found at