SHORT/wave review

The following review of SHORT/wave by Sean Stewart is posted at www.newpages.com in the zine review section!

Autumn 2005

Here’s an example of what is wonderful about zine publication. It’s the inaugural issue of what publisher DJ Frederick calls “the /wave project,” which will focus on various creative ways people utilize the radio airwaves. I just think it’s great when different types of independent and underground media intersect. It really shows how much freedom is available when you’re doing it all yourself. This issue is an easy and fascinating read that provides a short history of shortwave pirate radio, including definitions of relevant terms and reasons why pirates broadcast, and then offers several pirate radio station profiles. Also included is a CD of shortwave pirate radio shows. The one I got has broadcast programs from WLIS (“We Love Interval Signals), but there are four other different CDs being distributed, as well. A good pick for those who’ve always been curious about pirate radio.