Paper Radio # 8 is out NOW

30 pages - dead media, longwave radio, private lp reissues, and even fiction! 
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Signals and Paper Radio On Sale

As ye olde DJ prepares to roll out Paper Radio #8 ... back issues are on same from Ms. Valerie Park distro! 


Signals Issue 4 Reviewed by Dan Murphy

Signals #4 
digest, 60 pages, $4 
DJ Frederick longs for people to get excited about radio again, and so he has compiled another great issue of his radio zine, which is full of rantings, radio histories, interviews, and profiles. Included is an interesting story about a pirate radio show that took place in a phone booth, as well as some info on number stations (which are apparently used for espionage and drug smuggling), along with the story of a wedding that led to a government shutdown of a low power radio station. Additionally, there is an interesting article about using shortwave radio as a musical instrument, as well as several interviews with individuals involved with radio in some way or another. Throughout the zine there are numerous links and recommendations for websites, radio shows, radio stations, etc. that will help fuel the curiosity of anyone interested in the world of radio. DJ Frederick’s passion for the subject is palpable, and it will rub off on you. Get ahold of this zine, and I’m certain you will find yourself gravitating towards a radio to see what you can find amidst the static.

DJ Frederick's note: I only have one copy of this issue left! Other copies may be found at


An apology

I wish to express sincerest apologies to the creative staff at paperradio.net for appropriating their logo for the front cover of Paper Radio #6. I did this with no intention of commercial gain (hell, I lose money on this zine) and also no intention of exploiting someone's creative work. I only discovered their full website and operation recently thanks to a communique from Jon Tjhia of Paper Radio. I urge readers to check out their website to hear some fantastic audio documentaries and fiction productions.

This zine has been in existence since 2002. It began as the /wave project, with zines like AIR/waves and SHORT/wave which evolved into Signals and has now evolved further into Paper Radio, the decision for renaming the zine was completely independent from and was not inspired by or connected with any other entities doing business as Paper Radio. Lesson learned: Do my homework.


New Issue: Paper Radio #7

Hot off the press! Paper Radio #7 is half legal sized, and includes:

  • A vintage & new interview with John Poet of shortwave station The Crystal Ship with info on the recent FCC bust
  • A memoir by Lee Widener about a unique experience following an Allman Brothers concert
  • Lee Widener's NeverEndingWonder internet radio station
  • The joys of vinyl records
  • DJ Little Danny's Office Naps blog
& more.

34 pages. Please send $4 Paypal (Please mark as personal gift) to

Paper Radio will be continuing with an eighth issue later in 2011 or early in 2012. 

Thank you for your support for homegrown media! 


Words of Encouragement from D. Blake Werts

Published in Xerography Debt #28

"It is this type of zine that shows up once in a while and your postbox becomes a candy store ... midway through I was wondering what it would take to put together my own broadcast station. It is sure to excite ideas in your life."

Thank you Blake!


Words of Encouragement from Kevin Carey

Hi Frederick,

Thanks so much for sending the issues of Signals to me. I was pleased to see a publication address more topics about radio than just kHz, MHz, and antenna gains. There is a human side to radio, and your publication seems to really "get it." By the way, is there any connection between your Zine's name and the old radio show Signals that was once broadcast via shortwave? I used to enjoy listening to it, and recently downloaded the show's theme song, Telstar, by the Tornados.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend and colleague Myke Weiskopf covered extensively in issue #4. I met Myke at Kulpsville several years ago, and he has shared rare CD recordings of longwave stations with me. He is doing truly crucial work in preserving signals that are nearly extinct.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have about longwave, and best of luck with your publication!

73, and best LW DX,



Paper Radio #6 (formerly Signals)

Yes it has regenerated ... issue #6 is hot off the press, 28 pages of shortwave, pirate and radio goodness with interviews with John Anderson of DIY media and Pete "Madtone" whose music is inspired by shortwave listening ... the history of European Music Radio, an article on Steeleye Span and recollections of the folk music "riot" of 1961 ...

$3 via PayPal (please mark as gift) from singinggrove@conknet.com or email me to send cash.


Updates From DJ Frederick's Cottage Industry

It's summertime & that means the cottage industry is heating up. Signals will now be known as Paper Radio as of issue #6. Issue #6 will be published within the next few weeks! There are new missives from of Night Train (to Mundo Fine) on the horizon, and zine reviews a plenty in issue one of One Minute Zine Reviews.

Expect two issues of Paper Radio in 2011 (#6 & #7) before the zine goes on an extended (possibly permanent) hiatus. But have no fear ... other written word projects are bubbling up in the cottage industry brewery.


Signals Issue 5 OUT NOW

Yup, the xerox needle has dropped on Signals #5 ... 26 pages, half-legal sized, with articles about Ye Olde DJ's favorite radio shows of the last 50 years ... also: "My First Pirate Radio Station" + Ian Freeman & the Liberty Radio Network + what to look for in a portable shortwave receiver + and a manifesto from the zine 8 Track Mind.

This one is $4 postpaid ... send PayPal to singinggrove@conknet.com ... In order to keep this issue reasonably priced please mark it as a "gift" so they don't take a chunk of cash out of the payment. You can also send $4 cash to my home address. Donations to keep this effort afloat & affordable are also appreciated.



As is said in the world of journalism, I've put this issue to bed. SIGNALS #4 is a half-sized, 58 page zine with articles about DXing programs, interviews with WRMI & Wavescan's Jeff White, The Voice of Next Thursday, Lew Houston, The Mystery Science Radio crew, and a lot more. This issue has a fair balance of shortwave and low power FM info. Due to printing and shipping expenses, I'm charging $6 per copy this time around (postpaid). I can use all the support I can get! Paypal accepted via: