Uncle Enos Zine Review

The most intriguing zines are infused with passion : in the writing, subject matter, layout, design and energy. Uncle Enos exudes passion from cover to back page, passion for music and life. Since its arrival in my mailbox, I have been immersed in reading the fascinating articles within.

The cover of Uncle Enos announces "the lo-fi voice of the Prim Rock underground". Uncle Enos is full of information related to DIY music, cigar box guitars & related instruments, recordings, forgotten heroes, building projects, artwork. I was thrilled to find an artcile about the creation of the Trees Community box set. Ecstatic to learn about Willie Joe Duncan and wondering how I can hear the Unitar. Mesmerized by Timothy Renner's artwork.

Reading zines should be an experience of discovery. Every page of Uncle Enos was a discovery for me. Thank you, Shane, for taking it deep & creating this incredible first (and hopefully not last) issue.

For more on Uncle Enos info contact cigarboxguitar@yahoo.com

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