Turntable Operator #3

While Paper Radio is on hiatus (yes there will be at least one more issue) I'm publishing my new zine Turntable Operator, the first two issues of which are already out of print. 

a description from Joshua James:
This is the issue where Turntable Operator really comes into its own. My favorite part of this is its interview with Mike Dixon of Olympia's own specialty vinyl label People In a Position to Know Records! An insightful interview with the ever-amusing Mr. Dixon. Plus: a Paper Radio-inspired plea for radio engagement; record reviews; a zine review; and an interview with Joseph Carlough of the Record Collecting zine...

$4.50 paypal to: singinggrove@conknet.com (please mark as "gift") ... Turntable Operator 3 also includes a cd of Radio Thrift Shop, my radio show.


Paper Radio #12 is published

The most eclectic (and possibly last!) issue of Paper Radio. The first broadcast from a train, Space Pirate Radio, radio hero Robert J. Lurtsema, Taylor Swift satire, interview with NH radio legend Ed Brouder (author of Granite & Ether), interview with Darian from Edible Onion, and more. 28 pages, half-letter size.

$3 (mark as gift) PayPal to singinggrove@conknet.com


Paper Radio #10 / Turntable Operator #1

The tenth issue of Paper Radio is also the first issue of a new occasional zine by ye olde DJ called Turntable Operator. Over 40 pages of articles about media, radio, records, and the usual rambling. Please send $4 cash to: 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278 or via PayPal (mark as gift PLEASE otherwise they take a cut & I need the money more than PayPal does). Paypal to: singinggrove@conknet.com

Issue #11 may be out this Summer! Stay tuned.


Subscription Offer

Paper Radio #10 is close to being published (with a companion zine called Turntable Operator) ... the combined zines will be 44 pages ... for a limited time I am offering a subscription to Paper Radio including issues #9, 10 and 11 for $12 postpaid via PayPal to singinggrove@conknet.com. I can't confirm but hope to include a bonus cd with issue #11 when it comes out later this year. .


Paper Radio #9 is published

A mini-issue of Paper Radio starts off 2012 ... half sized / 24 pages with the following contents:

  • Pete Polanyk on John Peel
  • The Amateur Radio Hurricane Network
  • Occupy Shortwave
  • The Voice of Next Thursday (reprinted interview) 
& more. $3 postpaid from singinggrove@conknet.com 


Paper Radio # 8 is out NOW

30 pages - dead media, longwave radio, private lp reissues, and even fiction! 
$3 paypal ro: singinggrove@conknet.com 
I'm practically giving these away ... happy holidays!


Signals and Paper Radio On Sale

As ye olde DJ prepares to roll out Paper Radio #8 ... back issues are on same from Ms. Valerie Park distro! 


Signals Issue 4 Reviewed by Dan Murphy

Signals #4 
digest, 60 pages, $4 
DJ Frederick longs for people to get excited about radio again, and so he has compiled another great issue of his radio zine, which is full of rantings, radio histories, interviews, and profiles. Included is an interesting story about a pirate radio show that took place in a phone booth, as well as some info on number stations (which are apparently used for espionage and drug smuggling), along with the story of a wedding that led to a government shutdown of a low power radio station. Additionally, there is an interesting article about using shortwave radio as a musical instrument, as well as several interviews with individuals involved with radio in some way or another. Throughout the zine there are numerous links and recommendations for websites, radio shows, radio stations, etc. that will help fuel the curiosity of anyone interested in the world of radio. DJ Frederick’s passion for the subject is palpable, and it will rub off on you. Get ahold of this zine, and I’m certain you will find yourself gravitating towards a radio to see what you can find amidst the static.

DJ Frederick's note: I only have one copy of this issue left! Other copies may be found at


An apology

I wish to express sincerest apologies to the creative staff at paperradio.net for appropriating their logo for the front cover of Paper Radio #6. I did this with no intention of commercial gain (hell, I lose money on this zine) and also no intention of exploiting someone's creative work. I only discovered their full website and operation recently thanks to a communique from Jon Tjhia of Paper Radio. I urge readers to check out their website to hear some fantastic audio documentaries and fiction productions.

This zine has been in existence since 2002. It began as the /wave project, with zines like AIR/waves and SHORT/wave which evolved into Signals and has now evolved further into Paper Radio, the decision for renaming the zine was completely independent from and was not inspired by or connected with any other entities doing business as Paper Radio. Lesson learned: Do my homework.


New Issue: Paper Radio #7

Hot off the press! Paper Radio #7 is half legal sized, and includes:

  • A vintage & new interview with John Poet of shortwave station The Crystal Ship with info on the recent FCC bust
  • A memoir by Lee Widener about a unique experience following an Allman Brothers concert
  • Lee Widener's NeverEndingWonder internet radio station
  • The joys of vinyl records
  • DJ Little Danny's Office Naps blog
& more.

34 pages. Please send $4 Paypal (Please mark as personal gift) to

Paper Radio will be continuing with an eighth issue later in 2011 or early in 2012. 

Thank you for your support for homegrown media!